Anis Commercial Printing Press s.a.l.


Anis Commercial Printing Press boasts a long and storied track record that sets it apart as a pioneer of the art in Lebanon.

It all began with Anis Achkar, who even as a child was fascinated by the delicate precision and vibrant colors of printing. His milestone journey began as early as 1946, when he started working as a hand composer, later moving on to master hand setting. In 1957, he founded his own printing house, devoting all his time, energy and experience to singlehandedly make Anis Printing a household name.

His legacy was passed on to his sons, Gihad and Rachad Achkar. Returning to Lebanon In 1982 after studying in the United States and Europe to master the various technical aspects of the industry, Gihad perpetuated his father’s vision by expanding and modernizing the business to turn it into a top contender in its field.

In 2000, Rachad also returned after years of training at the “Hauchler Studio” in Biberach, Germany to join his brother at the head of Anis Commercial Printing Press and help steer it in its role as leader in the Lebanese market.


As one of the oldest printing presses in the country, Anis Commercial Printing Press has taken on every imaginable printing job from the most traditional to the most innovative. With over a half century of experience under our belt, we stand ready to provide the highest standards in the industry while bringing to bear unrivaled expertise in every aspect of the business. From stationary to publication to packaging, we offer premium quality printing for clients of every size and from every sector.


To consistently deliver cutting-edge, inspired, world-class printing services to our clients by leveraging our unparalleled experience and staying up-to-date with the latest international standards.


To become the leading Lebanese printing press while staying true to our roots and preserving the unique knowhow that defined us throughout our history.